Rodents are considered to be pests because they attack stored food and they also carry and pass on diseases. You can easily get of rodents by speaking to your neighbours to see if they are also having a problem with rodents. Alternatively, you can get the help of the rodent control Columbus, who will be more effective if a number of residents take action.

You can easily tell if their rodents in your house if you see their droppings, if any damage has been caused by gnawing and if they have made any sort of burrow.  You can also tell if there are rodents if they make a noise such as gnawing, thumping or squealing.

You can also control the rodents on your own by blocking any cracks, gaps or holes which you see both inside and outside your home with the help of steel wool, silicon and other similar material. You should cut any overgrown vines and trees in your house and buildings since rodents are considered to be good climbers. You can also control rodents if you stop feeding them by not leaving any food source around for them to feed on, you should also properly dispose of leftover food, including pet food.

You can also control rodents by trapping them with the help of snap traps, for both rats and mice. They are easily available in the hardware shops and most supermarkets. You should always secure the traps so that they are not dragged off.

If you still have problems, it is time to get in touch with the rodent control Columbus.